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Running to an issue with KNM and Alerts. When I set up a monitoring session I set it up to send me an email when it alarms. I've done some testing and for some reason I'm not getting the email sent. Is there something I've missed. I've checked the Docs and I don't see anywhere other than the main system setup to set email server settings. I get other Kaseya Alerts and tickets via email...just nothing from KNM.

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  • we are facing the same issue with KServer and KNM did you get it working ?

  • Hello,

    We just upgraded to R9 and currently have KNM on separate instance/vm.  With our upgrade from R8 to R9, decided to start moving stuff to the integrated KNM.  Seems all is good but struggling to make any type of alert work.  This thread is pretty old and find it hard to believe email alerts have been broken this whole time.  Any update on how to alert out of this module?