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Upgrading from KNM4.1 (Build 7394) to 8892 prior to Upgrade to KNM5

  • Hello, 

    I want to upgrade to version 5, but I can't find the download for v4.1 Build 8892,  as well the update Guide.

    According to the KB that I have read, I have to perform this update before.



  • Hi,

    You can find KNM 4.1 build 8892 at download.kaseya.com/.../knmsetup.exe


  • LiRu, did you get upgraded to version 5 ok? keen to learn from your experiences

  • Tomas, thanks for the link

    NIKNAKS456, I will try the upgrade later this week.

  • KNM upgraded to 5 Build 9742

    Installation without problems, but I'm still reviewing the configuration. There are several values to correct, for example I had to add  SMTP port for sending email. Before (in 4.1), 25 TCP port was not necessary to specify it.

    There are several similar things...

  • Did you upgrade to 8892 first or did you go to 5 directly ?

    Did you have any issues with credentials details and what vaules did you need to change after the upgrade?