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KNM NOC View broken since version 5.0

  • We have an install of KNM 5.0 standalone. Since we upgraded from KNM 4.1 to 5.0 the NOC View has changed from a webpage to a widget. This widget is junk compared to the 4.1 version- it used to be that devices that went into the red would "float" to the top and instantly be visible as problems. In version 5.0 this does not happen anymore.

    I've asked support for a timeline on when this feature will come back but have not heard anything. As far as I'm concerned this is one of the core pieces we use in KNM, and without it we have nothing to show on our NOC monitors. 

  • This functionality will be added to the NOC widget in a coming update to 5.0.

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  • We are running Kaseya Network Monitor 5.0 Build 9476.

    The toplists (that show top CPU, top Mem, etc) have been completely broken since 5.0 as well. If you have a CPU toplist it will show Memory and CPU and VMWare performance, but should only show CPU.

    Since the upgrade to 5.0 the big screen we have in our NOC is useless, as it cannot show us anything of value from KNM due to the broken toplists and NOC view.

    What is the timeline for the functionality to return? I originally reported the issue to support 1.5 months ago and since then have installed 2 new builds. Per the release notes there have been 40 builds of KNM 5.0. Toplists and NOC view functionality has disappeared in 5.0 and not addressed in any of those 40 builds.

  • I have yet to hear a response from Kaseya on when we should expect the features mentioned to be added back.

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  • I have the same issue ... I've not upgraded to KNM5 because I use it on a flat screen and the widget is too poor ... we need the NOC view as it was before ... that is a NOC view ... not the widget.

  • Agreed. We find the widget to be acceptable if it were to work correctly. The NOC view would have systems that were in alarm state come to the top of the screen. Also the toplists worked correctly in v4.1. Since version 5 both of these are broken and completely useless.

    I am more concerned with the lack of response I have gotten via support (I had a ticket open for one and a half months) and on the forums. We have upgraded to version 5 to resolve some issues and for new features, but it looks like we have less features and more issues than v4.1

  • Agree the lack of response from Support is troubling.  We have a ticket open since April on something else.

  • As mentioned we are fixing the NOC widget issue. A new build of KNM will most likely be published in the coming week.

  • Is it possible to also have a full screen mode as in KNM 4.1?

  • Is this upcoming build expected to address the NOC View and Toplist issues?

  • @Marco the dashboard can be run in fullscreen mode, the old noc views wont make a comback because of various technical reasons.