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"Get request time out" Alarm Issue

  • Hi,

    Does anyone know about the "Get request time out" alarm in detail?

    I am currently setting up new network monitoring for some of Cisco routers and switches. As far as the monitoring concerned, it seems to be working well.

    But, the problem is that I have occasionally got the "Get request time out" alarm at all or some of objects without any clues.

    I have attached an alarm history screenshot just for your reference.

    I am just wondering if it could be caused by any sort of server performance issue from a network connection perspective, as the KNM is running on the same system as VSA server which already has a lot of monitoring jobs enabled.

    Anyone has an idea?


  • Hi,

    It's difficult to say why this happens. The error message means that the SNMP Get request timed out for some reason. Would this be true for all monitors on the object or just one particular monitor? Would you get this error message for multiple objects at the same time? You can try setting the SNMP timeout value to a higher value. Default is 10 seconds. You can edit the "init.cfg" file and add SNMP_TIMEOUT=20000 to set it at 20 seconds instead.

    See community.kaseya.com/.../767.aspx for more possible setttings in init.cfg.


  • Hi Tomas,

    Thanks for the info.

    We are having the issue for nearly all of the object at the same time.

    Let me first try changing the timeout value as you suggested.

    I will keep you posted soon.


  • Hi Tomas,

    I have tried setting the value to 20000 and checked for a long time, but still no good.

    Worse than yesterday, we experienced it several times today and the longest one was more than an hour.

    I enabled logging on KNM and investigated all of the events and KNM logs, but I cannot find any relevant event.

    For troubleshooting purpose, I tried to test with another SNMP query tool on other machine during the trouble and confirmed that all of objects were perfectly working well with it.

    Can you advise me on what else I can check on the KNM server?


  • I think you have to look on the router / switch side, SNMP is the process with the lowest priority on the router / switch side, if the router / switch is very busy, the SNMP process may not get enough time to dig out the values before the timeout expires.

  • sorry interact with this old topic.

    But we are using the KNM version 5.0 build 9977 and got a similar message from SNMP monitors.

    "Timeout while waiting for response from agent."

    I wonder if suggested by Tomas solution can also be applied to me and what this change affect?

    Timeout while waiting for response from agent.

  • I'm getting this same issue mainly with UPS's, I tried some of the suggestions in this post but no bueno.

    Anybody else run into this? Also have you found any solutions?