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KNM shows wrong value if OID is an big integer

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When browsing the following OID's i see the correct value. But when i try to add them or even read them separetly






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  • KNM do not support sampling of 64 bit counters if thats what your refering to , but those looks like 32 bit counters so they should work ok.

    Unfortunally I cant give you a better answer since you are very brief in your problem description and leaves out most information, like KNM build number and what you are monitoring.

  • Hi RA,

    We are using Kaseya Network Monitor 4.0 (Build 6541).

    The values we are trying to read are CPUtime for wait, idle, kernel, user, etc... in our calculation we add all the CPUtime values and use it to get a idle percentage.

  • So its possible an overflow problem, can you include the calculation ain the post ?

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  • Hi Ra,

    The calculation is: OID1 + OID2 + OID3 + OID4 + OID5

  • The problem is that you are summarizing raw counters (a counter is a ever increasing value that will eventually wrap), you  need to upgrade to the latest version of KNM, that version have a feature that will automatically calculate the delta between this test and the previous test for you.

    I assume that you have to contact support to get the latest version of KNM.

    When updated, set monitor to "Counter mode: Delta" and let us know if its working.