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ESX monitoring in Intellipool

  • I have configured Intellipool to monitor my ESX servers. The SNMP traps are received by INM, and alerts are emailed to us.

    The only issue is the format of the alerts. They are like this:

    Normal 0 false false false EN-IE X-NONE X-NONE

    Agent: 192.168.1.x

    Community: public

    Timestamp: 2012-01-10 10:56:24

    Enterprise OID: .iso.org.dod.internet.private.enterprises.vmware.vmwProductSpecific.vmwESX.vmwESXNotifications.3

    Source IP: 192.168.1.x

    I would like to translate this into something useful like 'PSU2 not detected' .

    I have the mib compiled in Intellipool, but it still doesn't seem to translate it for me.

  • What version and build number of KNM do you run ? (Found on about page)

  • Intellipool Network Monitor 4.0 (Build 6593)

  • The description translation was added in a build after yours, so my advice is to contact support and get the latest KNM version (4.1 build 7103) and upgrade instructions.

    Also, there is a major new revision of the MIB compiler out that fixes allot of issues.

    Here is the latest mib compiler.


  • Thanks-is there any simple way to upgrade?

    We have a huge amount of servers, with verys specific alerts and settings. Setting up from scratch would take many days.

  • There are a very simple conversion where you keep all the settings, its just the actual INM service executable that switches name, thats why there is a need for instructions, otherwise it would just been a simple ordinary upgrade . Ask for the instructions in the ticket and you will get a step by step list.  

  • This is the upgrade instruction page I found:


    It references KNM 4.0. DO the same instructions apply for INM 4.0?

  • It  apply to INM as well. Its just poorly formatted, will fix that.

  • Thanks.

    We have the distributed edition-should that be the same to upgrade?

    Any way to backup my current setup, in case I need to roll back? We put a lot of time in configuring this.

  • To start with, you can run KNM side by side with INM since the service name is different.

    1. Check that you have an active license (non-expired)
    2. Install the latest version of KNM in for example c:\KNM
    3. Shut it down (KNM)
    4. Copy the following files from INM folder to KNM folder
      1. settings.rds
      2. dbconfig.nxd
      3. \dashboards
      4. \backup
      5. \script
      6. \mibs
      7. \statistics
      8. \toplists
      9. init.cfg
      10. public.key
      11. private.key
      12. disttest.nxd
      13. \reports
    5. Open init.cfg
      1. Change the web port
      2. Enter NO_TESTING=1 to disable testing on startup.
    6. Start KNM and make sure you got everything in place, later on you can remove the NO_TESTING=1 from the init.cfg file to start test.
    7. Open dist. test. in KNM and change the dist test server port, you will have to change all the gateways also.

    After this you can start to re-deploy gateway by gateway and when your done and happy you can uninstall INM. Remember that if you change anything in INM you have to move at least the settings.rds file to KNM again

    Remember to make backups of your settings and statistics periodically. 

  • Thanks RA-I appreciate all the detail. I'll give this a try over the next week or so

  • Hi RA,

    Do you happen to have access to a screenshot of KNM with the esx mib? This is how my mib browser looks with INM 4.0:

  • vmware_esx_mib.PNG

    I've added attached an image of how the MIB looks when compiled with the latest version of the MIB compiler. 

  • vmware.zip

    Attached the compiled MIB.

  • Great help once again-thanks