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What happened to intellipool?

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Our company has been a customer of Intellipool for many years using INM. I must have been asleep for a while because when i tried to get on their support site this morning i ended up here.

Where did the Intellipool customer portal go and what happend to my account, license keys and forum posts etc? I have had no notification from Intellipool or from Kaseya that anything was changing or being discontinuted. None of my old account information appears to be valid on this website.

As a paying customer who recently (July) just took out a 2 year maintenance contract im pretty annoyed at this transition and lack of any information for existing INM customers.

If anyone can enlighten me i'd be grateful.

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  • Still no contact (or interest) from anyone in Kaseya. We've been an Intellipool corporate customer for many years and i've never received any account migration information. The lack of response from anyone at this company in the current economic climate is extraordinary. Do you actually want our business??

    We are already making plans to switch to another monitoring solution. Bad service = no customers.

  • Quote - Customers that did not receive this letter for one reason or another and do have an active license can contact Kaseya support to open a Kaseya portal account to get access to support.

    Here is a link to the customer portal for you to keep.  The number for support is in the corner.  Or click on the "Contact Customer Service" link to get your portal account setup.  portal.kaseya.net/.../Logon.aspx

    Let me know if you need anything else or have problems getting your customer ID from customer service.  


    I already did this on day one. I got a response saying the ticket was now closed and "someone else" would be contacting me - this has not happened.

  • I can only agree with JazzyB.

    We have tried to contact both Kaseya and their national service partner here. The only feedback we got is a sales person trying to sell Kaseya to us....

    I had contact with Jeff Keyes from Kaseya last week but I have not yet received a support portal ID.

    And like JazzyB we are looking at other solutions.

  • I can't comment on what is going on from the support side of Kaseya, but one one of the things I've noticed about their downloads section is that you *always* have to fill in a form asking for trial information.  My company uses Kaseya - when doing major version upgrades, I fill in the form... when upgrading modules, I fill in the form.  It's a pain in the butt, but it's not that big a deal - they don't give out my email address, they don't spam me with "You tried the trial, now tell us what you think", I don't get follow up calls.

    As for the customer support side of things - if you've got an account rep @ Kaseya, call that person directly.  If not, call their main number, speak to support - more often than not, they'll actually help you out quickly.  I'm not saying that the North American call center is bad or anything (i do system maintenance from 11 PM and onwards), but I've had truly outstanding support at 4 AM when I call in and reach their Australia call center.

  • I have been a Kaseya client for a couple of years now.  To date I've been pretty satisfied with their support.  Though it is no excuse, I would venture to say they are swamped with the Intellipool acquisition, clients like yourselves, and clients like me eagerly anticipating KNM integration.  That said, I have submitted a request to some of the individuals I know at Kaseya requesting attention to this matter and going as far as to say that those of us wanting KNM should be addressed after clients like yourselves that came with Intellipool.  Hopefully much of this will be addressed soon.  Please be patient as Kaseya truly is a good partner to work with.  They may have bitten off too much this time and need to catch up.  In the interim, I will do what I can to help get your voices heard as well.

  • The license key you have now (assuming you are current) will allow you to download Kaseya Network Monitor version 4.  Its available on the download center here: www.kaseya.com/forms/welcomeknm

    I'm very sorry for the confusion.  We are tilting up a few pages to help direct traffic from the old site over to Kaseya.  We have

    - A continuation of the blog from Robert:  


    - Where to go to download latest version:  


    -  The learning center (lots of KNM content coming soon)


    - File library

      We are working on a getting a Lua script library for KNM and having it mesh into the file library.  

    So what happened to the old stuff?

    During our discussions, we thought that most of the information up there wasn't super relevant to the current version.  Most of the items discussed were problems with an older version and are now implemented into the software itself.  I'd love to find out if there are specific topics or files that we should migrate over (or better yet, include into the software itself).

    Again, as with all transitions like this, its difficult to merge the styles, cultures, etc.  Please send me feedback on how we can improve.  We are listening - I'll do my best to make it happen


  • There is no File Library, the page at http://lms.kaseya.com/kedu/ does not contain anything called a File Library.  Perhaps that is right next to the person who is supposed to be supporting this product.

  • You said   "Again, as with all transitions like this, its difficult to merge the styles, cultures, etc.  Please send me feedback on how we can improve.  We are listening - I'll do my best to make it happen"

    1.  Provide support.  We paid for support for 2 years, have been waiting almost 2 months for an answer.  Nothing.

    2.  Provide forums - Intellipool.se had forums for their product, there were meaningful conversations.  Here there is nothing but people compaining because everything has went to hell when Kaseya bought Intellipool.

    3.  Provide a download area for users of the product - I have been trying to download the Dashboard Map Editor since MAY!  No links, no responses, nothing.

    4.  Instead of promising about all the things you're going to do, actually do them.

    5.  Listen to your customers.  There are hundreds of posts here, all of them say the same thing.  Things have gone to hell with the product since it was taken over by Kaseya.  Perhaps that says something.

    6.  I understand that forums, knowledgebases and downloads are all very NEW concepts in this day and age, but considering that the average 12 year old can run a site with better forums, better knowledgebase and make things easy to find and download, why can't you?

    7.  Dedicate at least 1 person to doing something with the awesome product that Kaseya has all but ruined.

  • I finally found the online help: help.kaseya.com/.../index.htm (used to be  www.intellipool.se/.../doc)

  • For all of those former Intellipool Network Monitor customers, we created this landing page with links to the most common Kaseya resources. We encourage you to bookmark the links. This page also contains a form for you to submit your contact details. If you are unsure if Kaseya has your most recent company and contact information, please submit it through this landing page. A Kaseya Customer Support representative will contact you shortly after the submission to ensure your company and contact information is properly configured in our systems. This will also ensure you receive notifications of product updates and future KNM plans.


    Thanks, Gerald

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  • Hi Tim,

    1. There should be a whole staff of people answering tickets, including us.

    2. Starting from now we will be here on the forums regularly. We have been extremely busy with getting into Kaseya after the purchase, but now the dust starts to settle.

    3. The Dashboard map editor can be downloaded from the About page in the KNM/INM web interface. Its included in the default installer.

    4. We are, things take time with M&A and it can get chaotic when roles changes place, for that I'm very sorry, but we are right on track now and 2012 will be an awesome year for KNM, stay tuned.

    7. Kaseya is putting more man hours into KNM that Intellipool ever did, but it do take time to get things into place so it actually contributes, new hires, new offices, everything takes time.

    Best regards,


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