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What happened to intellipool?

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Our company has been a customer of Intellipool for many years using INM. I must have been asleep for a while because when i tried to get on their support site this morning i ended up here.

Where did the Intellipool customer portal go and what happend to my account, license keys and forum posts etc? I have had no notification from Intellipool or from Kaseya that anything was changing or being discontinuted. None of my old account information appears to be valid on this website.

As a paying customer who recently (July) just took out a 2 year maintenance contract im pretty annoyed at this transition and lack of any information for existing INM customers.

If anyone can enlighten me i'd be grateful.

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  • From Intellipool's May 24th blog entry: "In the coming weeks the Kaseya customer support organization will be brought on line offering global, 24×7 support for all Intellipool customers in good standing, in accordance with Kaseya support policies."

  • I knew they had been purchased but you dont just take all your support offline without telling your corporate customers that you are moving - maybe an email to all your paying customers???. Pointing me to one obscure blog post is fine but what has happened to all their customer base. They don't seem to be here?

    I allways liked INM and was looking forward to V5 but maybe its time to switch our company to another product.

  • Chances are slim an actual engineer will respond to this message.

    I'm not sure if you have access to it, but you can always try portal.kaseya.com to contact them. At least that's where I go when I need support.

  • Don't bother... Kaseya seems to be completely uninterested in Intellipools old customer base.

    I have tried several times to find out from Kaseya what happened to the old support forum and where we turn to get support, but I have as of yet to get a meaningful answer. Basically all I've got is: "try searching the forum".

    We still have no login for the Support-portal.

    We have a national reseller here in Sweden that have support for both INM & Kaseya and they say they are working on bringing the old support forum and stuff back on line, but I'm beginning to lose hope they will succeed.

  • Wow...tough crowd!

    Kaseya is absolutely interested in the Intellipool base.  Its taken us some time to integrate the company and we frankly didn't have great recordkeeping of all of the existing customers.

    At this point, all existing customers should have received an email containing your portal account (so you can log tickets) and a welcome email.  If you've not gotten this, please email me at jeff.keyes@kaseya.com


  • Thanks Jeff - i've just emailed you. I did put in an official ticket but it got closed straight away saying someone else would contact me.

  • Hey Jazzy,

    This happens on every ticket, which is good ofcourse.

    Usually they forward our tickets to Dave, who has been helping me quite a lot implementing KNM!

    Good luck!


  • I just need to get a customer number so i can logon to the portal and download the lastest version. It pretty frustrating to be a customer but not be given access to anything :-) - and Jeff i've still had no contact from anyone as Kaseya.

  • I agree.

    We need, at the very least, a customer portal account!

  • You can download the most recent version of KNM here:  www.kaseya.com/.../Downloads.aspx.  You'll need to scroll down about half way and click the link for "Kaseya Network Montior."  You will need to fill out the form (you can link directly to the form here:  www.kaseya.com/.../free-trial.aspx), but once you complete/submit the form, you'll be able to download the most recent version of KNM.

  • "it pretty frustrating to be a customer but not be given access to anything"

    What you get is totally inappropriate answers like the one from Brande Schweitzer.

    Are you a bot Brande?

    We are not trial users, we paid for support.

    I never received any email from Kaseya to explain how they migrate my old account into the new Kaseya support.


    PLEASE, email us all what we need to access to the support and download of Intellipool.



  • @CSB - Brande's answer was precisely about how to get the latest version of the product which was asked earlier in this thread.  The form you are required to complete is standard on all our downloads.  All Intellipool customers that choose to register their license key at the Intellipool customer portal, together with a valid e-mail address, have been sent instructions by Kaseya how to migrate their account.

    Customers that did not receive this letter for one reason or another and do have an active license can contact Kaseya support to open a Kaseya portal account to get access to support.

    Here is a link to the customer portal for you to keep.  The number for support is in the corner.  Or click on the "Contact Customer Service" link to get your portal account setup.  portal.kaseya.net/.../Logon.aspx

    Let me know if you need anything else or have problems getting your customer ID from customer service.  

  • Tanks for reply,

    I never receiver any mail from Kaseya since all the SMTP servers in the kaseya.com domain got this error: Warning - Reverse DNS does not match SMTP Banner. (check: www.mxtoolbox.com/SuperTool.aspx)

    I had to make a special rule to receive emails from Kaseya in my antispam engine.

    What is not normal is that my first email to the support was opened more than 30 days ago.

    After more than one month getting answers like "I will move this to our support team whom are looking after this can you tell me what is yoru company name. " or "Downloads are done via  www.kaseya.com/.../Downloads.aspx KNM is a little ways down the page" or "access the ticket by logging in to https://portal.kaseya.net" I finally got an ID to login to the customers portal.

    I have a production Intellipool server. I'm still not able to know how to migrate to KNM, I can't have access to anything showing that I paid for support and so on.

    I don't want to download a trial version after filling a registration form and try to install it to see what will append on my main production supervision tool.

    Do you think it to be a normal situation?



  • I am also a paying Intellipool customer and I was never notified by Kaseya.  I finally called them and them and got access to a portal, but I don't see what that gives me.  I don't see a way to download the latest copy, view change logs, see my contract and support status.  I e-mailed billing to find out if they are aware of my contract and they just sent me a renewal notice even though I'm paid up for a year.  I replied to their e-mail saying that I already have a contract but I never heard back from them.  Kaseya is a joke.  Downloading a trial copy to get the latest version is not acceptable.  What a mess.

  • And what happened to the old Intellipool knowledge base and forum?  I have to search Google to find old cached versions.