I'm sure the title was confusing... here's my dilemma.  With Service Billing integrated, that allows the Resource Type to appear on Service Desk tickets on the Notes tab.  I would like to be able to filter those.  For example, currently everyone can see all resource types (e.g., Junior, Staff, Senior, etc.).  Tech A is a junior tech so he shouldn't be able to charge Staff or Senior.  I would like to filter the list so only Junior appears.  If that is not possible, then a simple error message that halts the ticket when Tech A selects Staff or Senior (like I already do via SD procedures when a tech selects a category of ticket he's not allowed to work on).

The Kaseya help files say that because Resource Type comes from the SB module, it doesn't have variables that can be used in SD procedures.  Is this true?  Does anyone know how to use Resource Type in SD procedures, or some other way of doing what I'm looking to do?

I realize that the SB forum might not be the best place to post this, but I tried posting this in the SD forum and it never got moderated/posted... so I'm trying again.