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Service Billing: Ad-Hoc Parts

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    I'm working on consolidating multiple systems and would like to utilize Kaseya as our primary billing system. However, I'm finding the Service Billing module to be a bit too restrictive. We don't carry any inventory and when purchasing a particular part it could come from any number of vendors - typically whoever has the best price or quickest shipping at the moment. That being said, being forced to setup a vendor and enter parts before creating a work order (or during) is just too much. While the process of Service Billing is certainly the "better" approach - it simply doesn't work for us.

    We're coming from using Blue Folder and what I did over there is setup one single part - "Misc Part" with a $0 cost. Then, whenever I add that to an order I'm able to change the name, set our cost, and set the client cost. It's essentially nothing more than a placeholder and it works perfect.

    Certainly this isn't unique and I'm sure many other smaller companies like us struggle with the same issue. I'd like to hear how others are doing this. I'm open to suggestions as well...

    Thank you,


  • Looks like this just may not be a good fit for our workflow...