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Re: Other accounting software

  • Hello is there any news on other accounts software like sage being supported.  Have not seen much development in this module and worried its not being taken seriously.


  • right to be worried then.

  • Sorry to be negative, but i wouldn't hold your breath.

  • NIKNAKS456
    is there any news on other accounts software like sage being supported

    Thank you for your interest in Service Billing (KSB).

    The next release of KSB (which will be released at around the same time as v6.3) will provide the ability to get an export of the invoice data.  Many accounting software products allow you to import data, so you could consider developing a process where you manipulate the KSB export data into a form that can be imported into your accounting system.  In a future release of KSB, we will also be providing an API that will allow customers and partners to build their own direct integrations to KSB.  In future releases, we will be providing more Kaseya-built integrations; however, there are many accounting packages on the market, and at any given time there will always be packages that are not supported out-of-the-box in which case the export and the API can be leveraged for integration purposes.  The next release of KSB does not include an integration to any of the various Sage offerings.  Which Sage product are you using?

    Also, we typically try to avoid announcing new products and features in the Kaseya Forums.  You can always refer to the Kaseya Software Roadmap for the latest plans - http://community.kaseya.com/p/roadmap.aspx.