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Integrating Quick-books with Service Billing

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I am currently building a test enviornment to test the service billing module.  We have a Kaseya Server hosted with RISE.  The quickbooks file is located at our corporate network.  I have been able to get the QB Web Connect to talk to the VSA, however when it runs an update all I get is invalid username or password.  From my understanding the username is auto assigned when you create the qwc file.  I have attempted to change the xml file to the default username in the quick books database - Admin.  I get the same error.  Has anyone else had this happen to them? I have spent hours today trying to figure this out.  

Thanks is advance for any advise.  


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  • Chad, If you are still having problems with this I can help but I have a few questions so I can get a sense of where you are in the process.

    What versions VSA and KSB are you currently running?

    With your hosting provider, do you have access to the Windows environment as well as the ability to log into the machine hosting the VSA as an administrator?

    Do you have access to the instructions in the help file? (help.kaseya.com/.../index.htm)