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XML (UBL) invoices

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I was just wondering if anybody knows if it's possible to generate a XML invoice in SB and send out both PDF and XML invoices.



XML invoices can be automatically imported in a lot a financial programs today and we have some customers requesting this.


just wondering if somebody already created this or if it's even possible to do this



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  • SB does not directly create XML. We had this problem too.

    We did some research and found a company that offers PDF to XML conversion for business documents so we use their server and it converts our PDFs into UBL XML. Works very well and is 100% accurate which the other companies didn't seem to offer because they OCR the document. We needed 100% accuracy.

    Its called EDI-Link Connect and here is their website if you are interested: ecdynamics.com/pdf-conversion.php

    Hope that helps.