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Improved Sales Order if you want it...

  • Quotes_Portrait.zip

    I wasn't happy with the default Sales Order template so I modified the report template so that it suits my needs. I sent the template to my sales rep in case they like it and want to use it. But who know what will happen to it. So I thought someone else might want this, so here it is.  This is a SQL 2008 R2 Reporting Server template with K6.2 - I don't know if it will work on 2005 Reporting Server. 

    I would backup the original template in case you don't like this or want to revert back. The template I replaced is called Quotes_Portrait.rdl and is located in Kaseya\xml\Reporting\RDL\2008\ServiceBilling folder. Now, to get the Proposal Description & Comments section to be populated with the Sales Order description, I had to make a simple modification to a Stored Procedure (KSB.rpt_QuoteHeader) however, reapplying schema/updates or something overwrote my modification, so I copied the original stored proc and added my changes and created a new one with a custom name (KSB.rpt_ACE_QuoteHeader). I've included this in the zip file as well. Here is a sample of what the new quote looks like. Sorry for all the black outs, but you can never be too careful. 

    Once you replace the RDL file and create the stored proc, the View Quote link should show you something like this:






  • Hello Shankwc!

    That looks great. Thanks a lot!

    I've never seen it before. Where can i find that report? It is a part of service desk module?

  • This is the Sales Quote from the Service Billing module. When you build a quote this is what is shown when you click the View Quote link. I should also have mentioned that the Details section is really the Notes. It only shows Notes that are not hidden. I've set it to render as HTML - so if when adding a note you past tagged HTML - then it will display nicely. If you just enter text, it probably won't look that great. Unfortunately, the NOTE entry form doesn't have any HTML controls, so you have to build the tagged HTML in something else. I used CoffeCup HTML Editor, stripped out all the opening HTML page level tags and just left UL and LI and BR tags and pasted that in.

    It really stinks to have to put the details for the items in as NOTES. I have another modification to this report where instead of re-adding all your line items as notes to get the details, I display the "description" from the part or service as HTML. It comes out pretty much the same way with less hassle on your part. However, the part description field is limited to 500 chars (notes are 2000) so you can't get much info once you start adding HTML tags. Also, there really isn't a "description" equivalent for the Labor items, which is one place that would be REALLY helpful. I've requested these enhancements but who knows if we will see anything come of it.