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Companies with multiple locations?

  • Most of our customers have more than one location. In our current CRM we link these locations as Parent-Child. This works well because they usually want all invoices going to the main location (parent) but we need to know the phone number and address of the satellites for maintenance and management purposes. I _really_ want to consolidate my disparate systems as much as possible, so moving to Kaseya for tickets and billing would also make it our defacto CRM. I can't find a way to make these Parent-Child relationships with customers/organizations in Kaseya. Is this possible? If so, how? If not, has anyone got a usable workaround?



  • Capt Moron strikes again! Ok, so you CAN actually link Organizations through a Parent-Child relationship. BUT - how are supposed to find that option when it's plainly on the screen and clearly labeled Parent Organization. Really, Kaseya interface is not MORON friendly ;-)

    Seriously though, I totally overlooked this when we first setup our Orgs because we used Machine Groups to Organize locations. But using the Parent-Child relationship is much better. thanks!