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auto invoice

  • new to the billing service and we have a question about the process. It seems there are many steps required to create an invoice. Once a pending item is authorized it appears that the invoice goes to a pending state and it seems like you can manually process the invoice which sends an email to the customer with a link to the invoice. that's fine. 

    How do you get the scheduler to run and process the emails automatically? I don't want to have to sit here every day and manually process invoices. I set the schedule for a time to process invoices but the time comes and goes and the invoices is not created nor is the notice sent to the email indicating that a invoice was created.

  • The scheduler is only used for Quickbooks integration. I don't think there is anyway to do what you're asking.

    I'd suggest that you limit your invoice runs to weekly or monthly to avoid the drudgery of manually processing invoices every day.

  • Well that's not good. Our customers have due dates each day of the month. An automated process for running invoices would be very nice.