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was wondering if there is anyway to invoice a customer who we only manage anti-virus and anti-malware. I was thinking that we could build a view to filter out just those machines that are AV only but we can't seem to figure it out. Anyone else have any suggestion for what they do.

Just as an example we offer

Managed IT - full service includes av and malware

av/malware - we provide av/malware through our Kaseya account but we do not provide any management of the system.

So we need to be able to bill based on what components are on the machine in the group.

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  • The basic VSA views specifically have an option to filter on KAV and KAM. Create a view for what you need (IE, one, the other, or both) and use that for the basis of your recurring service item for that customer. If you haven't used recurring services yet it can be a little unusual to wrap your brain around, but once you've got it what you're trying to do is super simple.

  • Sorry but when I look at the VSA views I'm not seeing anything that would indicate that I can filter for KAV or KAM. If we did this still wouldn't work because our managed machines will have KAV and KAM installed. We need to be able to filter out the machines in a group that are not Managed but have KAV and KAM installed.

  • OK I don't think I understand you completely.

    When you said unmanaged, I assumed you meant the Kaseya Agent was installed but you weren't doing anything with it except KAV and KAM, and that each customer was 100% one way or the other. What is the identifiable difference between a managed and unmanaged machine? If this is a manual decision, you will probably need to record a value in a custom field or separate them by machine groups.

    As for the view options for KAV and KAM, see my screenshot below. Are those missing?

  • Our edit view does not look like this. We tried to create a machine ID view *.av.* but this does not appear to work.