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CANNOT connect to server no matter what

  • We've tried setting up a few Provate Storage servers, and although they do start the "service" according to the logs -- the ports we assign are NOT open, and no agents - internal or external - can connect to them.

    We're using port 3025, and have tried 3026. We've tried on multiple servers, have opened the firewalls, and even TURNED THEM OFF... and no luck. the service runs, but there's nothing listening on the ports we've set.

    Does anyone have any ideas?




  • It seems it could be a firewall issue. The port you are configuring in the Private Storage Service settings must be open on the Private Storage host as well. People often open the port on their router, but not on the PSS machine. Try that and see if it resolves the pb.


  • Thanks Tanning.

    As I said we've completely turned off the windows firewall on the host but that makes no difference.

    Even netstat showed the port doesn't exist.