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  • For anyone who has purchased this, do you ever get the impression that support has no clue what is going on?  I have opened up numerous tickets and like clockwork, they get updated once a day with solutions that I know will not work.  I jump through the hoops and within a few days, they say they are escalating it to an expert.  A day or 2 later the expert responds, never fully understanding what my problem is to begin with and then a few days later the situation is resolved. its an absolute joke.  If you call in they will just tell you no experts are available.

  • serious amounts of issues for us to......thank yourself lucky you were not an early tester like us.

  • My favorite is when I am up late and I happen to be online when their overseas tech support responds.  There have been times when I have responded back within 10 minutes and still I have to wait 24 hours for another reply.