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Deploying Live Connect via Intune - Win32

  • I am looking to deploy Kaseya Live Connect via a win32 app via Msoft Intune.

    Is there an MSI installer for KLC, or .exe only?

    I have also noticed then when the exe installs, the install and uninstall string is a an MSI based one (not .exe??), that also changes the MSI string each time? Is there an ability to keep the string the same?

    Or does anyone else have KLC deployed via win32/Intune?

  • You can install as a .exe no issues look at the Adobe Acrobat install articles as an example

  • The issue i'm finding, is the .exe self extracts, and then installs via an MSI which then is different per install, so i'm struggling to find teh correct detection method and uninstall string, as it changes each time.