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Feature Request: Kaseya LiveConnect for iOS (and Android even)

  • I'd love to see Kaseya come to iOS so in emergencies I can remote control endpoints. There are times where it's just not feasible to have a laptop with me, and I always have a phone.

    I actually went out and bought a MSFT Surface Go for this very reason, since my iPhone and iPad Pro can't remote connect...and I still pay for LMI sadly.


  • In my opinion the entire LiveConnect tool should be revamped.   We moved to Kaseya from Labtech and they include (they bought the company) Screenconnect for remote.  It was amazing (and had mobile phone apps that worked VERY well...

    At the connect conference in May Kaseya demoed a new version of Liveconnect that looked promising.   Hopefully that will be coming soon...