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Live Connect shows Asset Summary (offline)

  • The agent is actually online and the user is working.  We are new to Kaseya, and not used to the remote control having so many issues.  Am I doing something wrong?

  • Can you explain a little more about what is going on?

  • If you go to the agent tab, you'll see the icon blue or green or yellow and hover over.  Click on Live Connect, and after a minute or less, the Kaseya Logo appears, and then the Asset Summary window shows up.   Next to that Asset Summary there is a (Offline) message.   The user is working on the machine, the machine is running, but we can't see any details about the machine.  In addition, remote control doesn't work.   In Labtech, the remote used Screen Connect and the connection to the machine was instantaneous.   I tried from labtech to the same machine and we can remote in immediately.

    We see this very frequently among machines.   I've pretty much uninstalled labtech/screenconnect from the majority of my customers' machines, and it happens on those as well.  

    It's very random.

    I did note on one I was just playing with that the Kaseya Agent Service is running, but the Kaseya Agent Endpoint service was not.  I started that service, and Live connect seems to work on that machine.

    So, what causes that service to stop and not auto restart?

  • I suggest to create a support ticket on this case.  

    It could be a number of issues either from the client or agent end.  They will help you identify the cause and correct it.  

  • Following... we see the exact same activity on a few machines also. Exactly as the OP described. A reboot fixes the issue temporarily but it’s offline again the same day.
  • We moved from LT over to Kaseya too and you cant beat their Screen Connect. It worked really well. But Live Connect can work just as fast. It just takes times getting use to the application because they are different. Keep in mind if Live Connect loses any internet connection, it instantly disconnects/closed and reports as offline, which SC didn't so the offline and online works a little differently.  As Oscar mentioned, reach out to support, they will help identify the root issue.

    Does this issue happen on other client machines as well or is it just one client? Have you looked at the agent logs?

  • Here's what I did as a temp fix that works.  I created a procedure that starts the service. If you run the procedure on that agent, the Live Connect and the Remoting start working.  I'm sure there is a more elegant way using a policy or a monitor for that service going offline, but I'm a longtime labtech geek and not as intimate with Kaseya (YET!!!!).  It's going to take me awhile to rewrite all my cool labtech scripts over here.

  • By the way, this seems random across all 600 agents.  One day it's working fine and I can remote in or work in live connect (which is way way better/faster than opening the agent in labtech, right Chase?) and then the next time I need to work on that machine. no luck.  It's not just me, but everyone on my team experiencing this.  We are on version if that helps anyone...

  • Yeah, it took me forever to rebuilt the scripts we have in LT. Esp., since I did most of the automation, etc. If it is really happening access most agents, then there is something bigger going on with either your 1) server or 2) agents. Im on the same version too. Your agent settings are disabled so that users can't exit out the Agent program?

  • Correct, they can't exit.  I'll create a ticket with support, but the temp fix is working for us.

  • Let us know what you end up finding out.

  • This is a legitimate issue. The Endpoint provisioning is not working as expected and there are a few ways to address this. Support will be able to help you out and escalate as needed.

  • We have been experiencing this same issue with one client - many of their agents are online, but Live Connect claims they are offline.  

    After a lot of testing we built an agent procedure that completely uninstalls and reinstalls the agent (the force update does not work) and this did the trick.

    However Kaseya support then gave us an agent procedure that reprovisions the Endpoint (Live Connect side) that also did the trick -  and this is a much better solution as you don't lose agent history as you would with a complete reinstall.

    When you log your ticket with support - reference our ticket (#246649) and ask them for the "Procedure Reprovision Endpoint" script.

    Hope this helps you and you don't have to go through the pain we did - our client was not impressed :-(

  • We expirence this issue as well. Very random, but it does happen. I guess I will open a ticket as well.

  • I opened a ticket with support in case anyone needs to reference this … #250589