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Thinclient Remote Control

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I tested this out on a thin client before going live and now when i push the agent to a thin client in my production environment i can see the agent checked in and it shows as online but when i try to remote control or use live connect it shows as (offline).  Any one using kaseya to manage and remote control thinclients?

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  • We've been using every flavor of Kaseya with our windows based thin clients since version 5 with no issues.  Honestly the biggest challenge with thin clients is keeping the agents up to date since they (at least the thin clients we use) have a write filter that doesn't allow anything to be persistently installed without disabling it.

    I typically only bother updating the agent versions on the thin clients with major releases (ie 9.3 -> 9.4), or when there is a real issue with the existing version that we are experiencing.  The downside of this of courses is that I can't enable automatic agent upgrades since I can't exclude those from the automatic update and that tends to cause me issues.

    What type of thin clients are you using?

  • Automatic agent upgrades is a great feature - apart from, as you say, the inability to exclude agents from the upgrade.  It's driving us nuts, but Kaseya don't seem interested.  "Log a feature request" is getting long in the tooth.

  • What kind of thin clients are they? Could you verify if the Endpoint service is actually running on these clients?