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LiveConnect/QtWebEngineProcess High CPU usage and multiple session issues

  • Has anyone else been dissatisfied with the performance and bugs of LiveConnect? I'm curious if the rest of the community is having to deal with the same issues our team has been struggling with. As of this post, we are up-to-date on agent

    - Using LiveConnect and/or Remote Control results in huge spikes in CPU utilization consumed by Kaseya Live Connect and QtWebEngineProcess.exe. Opening sessions for multiple agents compounds the problem further. 50% for one agent and about 10% CPU consumed for each additional agent session. Seems crazy to me and not characteristic of the "world's fastest remote control"

    - Typing when having multiple sessions is buggy as hell. If you have notes enabled, be prepared to right click copy+paste in some cases and ctrl+c/ctrl+v in others. Using the commandline feature will sometimes respond to keyboard input with multiple sessions open but most of the time not.

  • CPU spikes of that nature is not typical. Are you using a Windows Server-based OS or a virtual desktop environment to run Live Connect? Also, it depends on what machine specs you're running. Live Connect leverages your video display chipset to run frames. If you're running a machine with onboard graphics, it should generally be OK. You may be running in software rendering mode and may not realize it. This is where I'd put in a ticket with Support.

    The notes issue with multiple sessions is already resolved but has to be patched out. Look for release notes on patch and Feel free to create a support ticket where they'll notify you when your particular issue is addressed.

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  • Hey Jeffrey,

    Thanks for the response. I'll reach out to support on the high CPU issue. I'm running a SurfaceBook with an integrated and mobile GPU. I'll lob a ticket over and see if support can help resolve it.


  • Hi Jimmy,

    i'm seeing the same thing (kaseyaliveconnect.EXE 9.4.6468.32532).

    QtWebEngineProcess.exe is hogging 1 entire core (25% CPU).

    The QT version with Kaseya is 5.6.2 so i also tried the latest stable version of QT (5.9.2) but this made no difference.

    I think that Kaseya needs to optimize the browser interaction or commandline switches it uses.

    switches found : "--type=renderer --disable-gpu-memory-buffer-video-frames --enable-threaded-compositing --no-sandbox --use-gl=desktop --primordial-pipe-token=<<obscured>> --lang=nl --enable-pinch --device-scale-factor=1.25 --num-raster-threads=2 --enable-main-frame-before-activation --content-image-texture-target=<<obscured>> --renderer-client-id=3 --mojo-platform-channel-handle=12912 /prefetch:1"



  • Try this fix: community.kaseya.com/.../106440.aspx

  • What OS are you running on, ?

  • We also have high CPU issue with live connect but i am running on virtual desktop (windows 2008 r2). Engineering is supposedly fixing this but who knows.

    Even when i use live connect on my new windows 10 laptop it is pretty slow to get it loaded. Never been happy with this new live connect.

  • I'm running two versions where I am testing:

    Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.15063] -> Windows 10 Pro

    Microsoft Windows [Version 6.3.9600] -> Windows Server 2012 R2

    Both show the same issue.

    Tried the "fix" comments (and combinations of), but made no difference.

    tried (3 combinations: only first, only second and both):







    - open Kaseya Live Connect (C:\Program Files\Kaseya Live Connect\KaseyaLiveConnect.exe)

    - open server

    - wait for agent full list to load

    - watch QtWebEngineProcess.exe process keep spending large amount of CPU

  • In our case setting UseOpenGL to false in KaseyaLiveConnect.ini solved high CPU usage totally. We have mostly Nvidia gfx cards in our machines.

  • Our development team recently begun investigating both initial load performance and high CPU issues on server-based OSes. We'll reach out to you if we need further information.

    , can you confirm if you're running regular desktop-based or server-based Windows machines?

  • Thanks. I shared this with our development team.

  • Only regular Windows 10 desktop machines.

  • This issue seems to be back with the .32 patch, QtWebEngineProcess.exe is using CPU over 20%. Just like wrote a few messages ago.

  • Multiple session is possible, and many users switch to other users without signing out. If you can check  Desktop is running means the app is going to consume maximum CPU power thus leading to multiple session problems