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Live Connect is not a Live Connect

  • The Information shown in Live ConnectIn / Assets / Software is not really "live". I removed two programs yesterday and Live Connect still shows the software as installed in Add / Remove.

    Even the ESET Antivirus Remote Administrator which updates the list once per day was faster:

    Is Live Connect showing the Asset Information from the Database?

  • Hi Steffen,

    Yes it is. Running a latest audit, or scheduling one daily should resolve this. The information displayed is not live, but reported from the database following the last audit.

  • Hi JB1975,

    this is not what i expect from "Live Connect". At least it should be marked with a note which Information is live and which not. How is it with Event Log and other Information in Live Connect? Is this live?

  • Respectfully, you're complaining that the ESET ERA's faster because it audits daily? You can always change your audit schedule to run a latest audit every hour if it's really that much of a hindrance You're in control of it.

    LiveConnect really refers to the 'connect' portion, so from there you get all the performance data, all the event logs, procedures etc live.

    If you also have it grabbing all the data that rarely changes you're just going to add to the time it takes to get that connection. It's flaky enough as it is at times!

    I don't personally feel they need to be pulling more live data than they already do, but that's just my opinion.

  • I understand where Steffen is coming from.  

    I thought the update was "live",.... as in self updating.  

    I didn't know it was tied to the audit routines, so Ill amend my audit schedule accordingly, or remember to run a manual audit check when I amend my customers program list.

  • Don't get me wrong, I understand it and yeah they should perhaps be more clear about it. I had a look in the standard help files and it's not like there's much in there about live connect at all.

    That said, most of LC is live, if not all of it.

  • I guess everything under "Asset" is "offline data", because it is available even when a machine is offline. The other data is (hopefully) online/automatic update data.