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Live Connect Won't Launch

  • I have a machine whereby the 9.4 Live Connect will not launch under a user profile.. If I log into it, it works fine, if the user logs in, it does not launch at all.. Has anyone ever seen this before?


    Buster Davis

  • I had similar issue when I updated my vsa to 9.4 though not exactly what you are mentioning. I suggest you to try this:

    -Download latest KLC and install. Reboot if needed.

    -click on start and type "kaseya live connect" > click on it to open

    -Add your kaseya url to it. close and try again.

    This might help.

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  • Follow this, we experienced the same thing.

    From 9.3 following rights need to be allowed to users so that they can access live connect :


    Please check and let me know that after allowing these rights are you able to live connect

  • Hi Buster,
    We had similar issue that was caused by our proxy server. If you are using one try disabling it or add your Kaseya server to the bypass list.
  • Thanks all.. Worked with a support tech last night and was provided an Out of Band fix that corrected the issue.. more updates to come from support but it was an issue with the video driver on the unit..