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Live Connect File Transfer ( Fails on files over 50 meg

  • Wondering if anyone else has tested/experienced this issue.  

    The file is not in use and I have even moved to testing the functionality in the lab.  Consistently fails on files over 50meg.  Progress bar never appears and ultimately drops the connection with an "Endpoint connection was lost" message.

    File less than 10MB - Transferred

    File 15MB - Transferred

    File 25MB - Transferred

    File 50MB - Failed

    FIle 100MB - Failed

  • We ran into a problem when uploading files to the K server and found that the problem was due to the Session time out settings in IIS.

    On your Kaseya server, under IIS 7.0 select your default website, and in the sidebar under "manage website"  there is an option to configure limits. We raised the connection time-out and  that essentially solved our problems.

    I just tested a file transfer of 110MB to 2 different agents one on 100Mb fiber, the other on 5Mb cable and both succeeded for me.

    Hope it helps.

  •  Thank you for your follow up.  I did check that setting just to validate what we have set and that is not the issue that we are having.  This issue is Live Connect specific and only for file transfers utilizing Live Connect seem to be affected.