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create custom monitor set from service/executable

  • in the old live connect you used to be able to create a custom monitor set for a executable/service that showed up, there was a little icon in there. is that no longer present in the new KLC? is there a different spot to do that?

  • Hi  

    I do not see it, go ahead and create a support ticket for this.

  •  so from your perspective this still should be in there then. is there another spot in the VSA that would have this?


    I only know of the Event Log Monitor option being available from the Agent > Agent Log > Event Log section which allows you to create an event log monitor from a specific event (This implies you are collecting event logs). I am unaware of any other place to do this for services/processes which is what I believe you are requesting.

    It is a Product Management decision if it SHOULD be in the product or not - get a support ticket in and they can coordinate that communication with you.

  • I created a ticket for this feature that was removed over 60 days ago..I was told it will be restore in  9.4 with LiveConect.


    is correct, here is the problem ticket #138887 - I would strongly suggest creating a support ticket and asking to associate it to this ticket #.