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Keyboard state bugs

  • As discussed with , this only occurs in the older remote control instances. We're looking for instances such as this occurring in the newer version of remote control (associated with Live Connect). If you have any further information, please create a ticket and reference this thread.

  • Hello I have same issue with controlling rdp sessions 2012/2016.can reproduce 90% of time, I have an open ticket regarding this issue

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  • We are also having this problem. Sometimes the Remote Session is very slowly and all inputs delay. In this situation, the keyboard problem happens more often. Also wheh having 3 or more remote sessions open. It happnes with all keys, not only shift. I had it with both shift-keys, both ctrl-keys, Alt and Alt-GR. We are using a german Keyboard.

  • We are seeing similar issue for some of our techs where running KRC will destroy the performance of the machine that the engineer is using. As soon as they quit KRC the performance goes back to normal again. Some people are not seeing the performance issue but are seeing the shift and ctrl key issues and a couple of guys get their mouse buttons reversed every now and again when they quit a KRC session.

    I have ticket 197946 open for these performance problems and support have the results of gatherlogs for some affected machines but nothing is happening.

  • We have always seen kaseyaremotecontrolhost.exe and kaseya.agentendpoint.exe chew CPU cycles during RC sessions. The exact load varies widely [most of the time it's minimal load] but on some machines I've seen it it monopolize a complete core. I'll bet on an old, single core system it would be hell if that happened.

    Not sure what triggers the condition, I'll try to nail an agent that consistently shows the issue.

  • We have the same issue occurring on v9.4.0.23. To clear it, I must click out of the KLC windows to redirect input to my local machine, then press each of the modifier keys - ctrl, alt, shift, windows - to clear their state.

    When this happens, the effect is that I'll start typing, and suddenly instead of the letter e, an explorer window will open, etc, as though windows key was pressed.

    We also seem to be experiencing performance issues at times.

  • This issue has been occurring for a while now, and stil persists in 9.4.6429.174. I have the problem on two different computers, and my colleagues have also reported it.

    I'm finding it hard to believe that Kaseya engineers are unable to replicate this as it occurs every time I use Remote Control within KLC. I have tried uninstalling and re-installing to no avail.

  • Yep, same here. Can't think of the last time this didn't happen.
  • We also still have this issue and opened a ticket last month.

    After some tests they wrote that it is a "possible bug". There is no ETA for a fix.

  • We have also experienced this issue across the board.

    I have uninstalled various 3rd party applications to no avail.

  • We also experience this issue.  It's incredibly maddening when you have multiple sessions open.  On my machine, I experience the same issue as Wolfgang One: the keyboard does not function correctly natively until all the sessions have been closed and I press Alt, Ctrl, Shift separately on my keyboard.

  • We're working on creating a diagnostic version of Live Connect and Endpoint services so engineering can better track the source of the problem. If you're interested in grabbing the diagnostic installers to test a small pool of machines with, let Support know in your tickets.

  • I wonder if there is another software product, driver or library that is common to the affected machines? Would explain why it's not consistent across Kaseya users and difficult to reproduce.....

  • All our techs are complaining of random keyboard issues also and we are on the latest release

  • +1  At least 3 of our techs also have this very annoying bug with the keyboard. I use lots of shortcuts, and due to Kaseya 'sticking' certain keys, Windows Narrator opens, or Settings, or program windows minimise, or move about the screen. It's really frustrating.

    We have recently upgraded Kaseya, and the problem persists.  

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