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Kaseya Live Connect horrible resolution

  • So yeah the new KLC connects in less than 4 seconds, but when it does the resolutions sucks and i can barely read anything. I would rather wait the extra 5 seconds with kvnc to have better resolution.

    Does anyone else experience this and really annoyed? It seems like all they focused on was connection times, which i never had an issue with.

  • I know what you mean.  Since the scaling is forced, if you remote into  a machine with a much higher resolution than your own, everything is shrunk a lot.  It would be really nice to be able to be able to choose the scale ratio.

  • We know that fuzziness is an issue on the Windows viewer at the moment.  Oddly enough the Mac viewer (if you remote from a Mac) has a crisper view of the remote machine.  Although the forced scaling does attribute to some of the fuzziness, we are actually doing work to resolve issues on the Windows side.  Additionally, we have plans to provide zoom controls which will help with some of these issues.  

    Thanks for the discussion on this.  We are well aware and plan to resolve it all.

  • OK so did you guys not test the windows viewer or something? I thought this thing was better than sliced bread, or at least you sold it like that. I'm very disappointed.