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Set Click on Icon to Live Connect

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In 7.0, in the Agent Status page, left clicking the agent icon goes straight to remote control. This seems a bit risky as we might accidentally click it and control someone's machine. How do we change it to the previous function? Left click to Live Connect page?

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  • Ah thanks, that is good enough for us!

  • Sounds great :)

    This way you can actually also disable Remote capabilities by disabling the Quick View - > Remote Control function from the User Roles.

    Prior to this mod, everyone had KRC... you could only disable the RC tab function which is KVNC, the KLC function and the Quick View KRC function. But I could never disable the Icon KRC function.

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  • Everyone should "like" this Feature Request, maybe they will do it!


  • we just upgraded to 9.1 and this whole click to Remote control was driving us nuts so...

    This is changed for and does the following:

    single click --> Live Connect

    double click --> Remote Control

    ctrl/single click --> Live Connect


    As always - save a backup of your file in webpages\inc\showicon.inc before using this as I am simply passing along what works for us.

    We have tested in:

    Firefox 41

    Chrome 43

    IE 11 (make sure popup blockers are off)

    apologies, I attached the wrong file... It's showicon.inc that was changed for this.
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