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Set Click on Icon to Live Connect

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In 7.0, in the Agent Status page, left clicking the agent icon goes straight to remote control. This seems a bit risky as we might accidentally click it and control someone's machine. How do we change it to the previous function? Left click to Live Connect page?

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  • I'd like to see this as an option as well.  We display a warning when someone starts remote control.  Those accidental clicks will be much more noticeable to the end user.


  • I have done it a few times already. Thats definitely a curve ball for anyone who has been using KAseya for years. That is just habit to click on the icon for more machine info....why they would change that is beyond me. Its kaseya thats why

  • I would like to add +1 to this thread.

    I mentioned this specifically to Kaseya staff in the lab at the Kaseya Connect conference. After using Kaseya for 6 years, clicking that icon is just second nature and habit for my staff. I think that changing the default is a huge mistake, and likely to lead to many accidental connections. I think that Remote Control should simply be an option in the Live Connect window or in the Agent popup window.  

    Just my two cents.


  • Thanks everyone for keeping this conversation going.  Especially you  ;)

    I may have some changes to help you out in the this area coming for the September release.  I don't have the details solidified yet.  In the meantime, if you do a CTRL - click, Live Connect will launch instead of Remote Control.  I realize that doesn't fix the problem, but it is an way to launch LC for those who prefer to do so. - Chad

  • oooh.. CTRL-click. nice workaround, except my browser (chrome 35)  opens two new tabs; KLC + the agent grid view. Still, better than nothing.

    My vote for restoring LC as a default - we KLC for everything as it is so much easier to find what you're looking for in one or two clicks without searching up and down the K menus and then re-selecting the agent all the time.

  • YEah after 2 days of this new live connect, this thing blows. Give me RDP back! now!

    It takes forever to connect, i cant see the damn text and just sucks.

  • @Craig -> I am with you on the request to restore the original functionality.

    @Chad -> you for the reply. Glad to hear there may be some changes to help out in the this area coming for the September release. If I may be so bold, I would STRONGLY suggest and respectfully request that the single click action return to the original functionality (launch KLC), and that CTRL-click be added as a shortcut to immediately launch remote control.  That way the historical Kaseya functionality and behavior remains the same as years past, accidental remote control connections are eliminated, yet the new functionality is also easily available.

    Just my two cents.


  • We just got upgraded and I'd like to add my name to this list to have this back.  Ctrl opens multiple tabs in both Chrome and IE for me.  I can hover over and select Live Connect in whatever the small window is that pops up    which is slightly more convenient.  Not sure what happened but while the remote control speed is great, live connect is back to painfully slow to connect.

  • +1 here.  LC is used much more often than remote control so it should be the primary left click as lwolf suggests.

  • +1
    The new remote control is anything but slow in my opinion, keep up the good work guys! Though the one click functionality is definitely a game changer and catches you by surprise, and trying to teach an old dog a new trick isn't quite working for me LOL.
    Aside from that, and the fact that Google Chrome will not allow users to enable the KLC plug-in because it is not listed in their store (and I know there's a workaround for that but its a bit cumbersome) I have to say 7.0 rocks!
    I'm looking
  • I've been able to circumvent this however I'm still testing this out.

    This is the one piece that has stopped me from upgrading to 7.0 because of the KRC shared sessions and having the KRC initiate automatically instead of KLC.

    I know the techs can be trained to KLC, however this will make certain that KRC won't be utilized until R8 releases.

    Once I test further I can share.

    So far, I can disable KRC and switch the icon to initiate the KLC instead of KRC.

  • showIcon.asf

    Before you proceed, test this our on your DEVELOPMENT server prior to porting this mod to your production box.

    Go to


    Rename the file:

    showIcon.inc -> showIcon.bak

    Download the attachment and rename the file from showIcon.asf -> showIcon.inc (extension changed for attachment purposes)

    Copy the file attached to replace the showIcon.inc file.

    Refresh the VSA page and click the Icon and see the KLC window popup instead of the KRC.

  • Seemed to work great for us!  Thanks flavio!

  • Would be nice if the Ctrl+left click would open up remote control (so people don't have to install the Live Connect plugins if they don't have it).  Just a thought, don't know if that is as easy.

  • Remember the Quick View still has the Remote Control function there :)

    I will look into this "feature request"