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Thumbnail Broken by Chrome Update?

  • I updated Chrome to 32.0.1700.76m this morning and now I don't get any thumbnails in Live Connect, just the Windows logo.  The thumbnail works in IE. Is this a known issue?

  • That didn't break for me, but other things have.

    - Scrollbars are wonky (that's Chrome wide from what I understand)

    - Page refreshes don't auto-refresh

  • It seems like the same thing is happening on several machines in my company.  I have opened a ticket in the new ticketing system.

  • I've seen the thumbnail issue also. Its hit-and-miss, sometimes i get the thumbnail, sometimes just the defacto 'windows' icon. Haven't observed any particular pattern as to why.

    No issues with scrollbars (Except the known KES window-height bug which pre-dated the latest chrome) or refreshing, but also haven't specifically checked for any issues there either.

  • Yes i'm having the issue too. I opened a ticket with support but they said because my version of chrome is still in beta so they cannot fix.  Looks like its finally out of beta so ill get on their case to fix it.

  • I have found that if I resize the window, the thumbnail appears.  I have updated my support ticket.

  • +1 to the chrome scrolling issue

    +1 to thumbnail issue

    Anyone got Live connect remote control working with Java 7u51 yet?

  • Java 7u51 works fine with Live Connect... just need to add your kaseya website to the Java Security website exemption list.  They posted the fix a few days ago, you should be able to find it... or google it.

  • I gave up on Chrome with LiveConnect a long time ago... IE works so much better why bother?