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Java 7 Update 51 Breaks LiveConnect Remote Control

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Just testing it out, looks like LC Desktop Access breaks (Chrome on Windows 7, I expect other platform combinations are affected too.)

Hopefully a fix is forthcoming, but at this time it throws a SecurityException for tightvnc-jviewer.jar that it is "Missing required Permissions manifest attribute..."


P.S. I checked the forums with a few searches before upgrading a lab machine, didn't see anything, so now I'm "Giving Back" by warning others :)

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  • Confirmed... I was able to recreate the error also.

  • Same here.  I cannot remote into any machines

  • Yea... thats going to be a major problem...

  • My Temp fix was to go into Control Panel -> Java -> "Security" Tab  

    I changed the "Security Level" from High (minimum recommended) to medium

    I am playing with the exception list but having no luck...

  • This is really annoying as Java on my machine has been warning me for months now that this was going to happen.  Surely we don' t have to wait until month end for this to be fixed?  I'm not updating my Java so it's not affecting me at the moment but I can guarantee it will affect some of our engineers who will all inform me of this problem.

    Thanks for sharing your fix MikeG - I hope not to need it but suspect I will.

  • Hi All,

    We have published a KB article with explanations and workarounds:


  • One of the ways they said to fix it by adding your kaseya server to the site list in java. I am trying to do this but it wont let me type anything in. Has anyone been able to do this?

  • Figured it out. Need to add the full URL (with http://.....)

  • Looks like you sneaked it on today Amado. :-)

    Might be an idea to make this sticky at the very top of the forum.

  • Got there as quick as I could, once we had verified the workarounds :-) We also marked my reply as a Verified Answer, thanks for the suggestion!