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Done with LiveConnect. How to Uninstall ?

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We are done fighting with LiveConnect. We have purchased TeamViewer and are going to be using it going forward for remote support.

In the effort to keep our computers as clean as possible is there a way to Uninstall LiveConnect from all of our clients ?

Is there a way to Uninstall VNC?

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  • It's part of the install of the agent.  You can go to Remote Control - Uninstall RC and remove from there.  I'm pretty sure if you upgrade agents at a later date it'll get reinstalled however.

  • Did you deploy Teamviewer with a script and if so could you please share - We have been looking to deploy it also but my script isnt woring correctly. Also are you using Teamviewer console or did you integrate it somehow ? Thanks

  • Yes I deployed with a script. I copy all of the TeamViewer Files to my Kworking Directory on the computer that I want to install then I execute the following command

    "msiexec  /i #vAgentConfiguration.agentTempDir#\Teamviewer_Host.msi /qn"

    The copied files include the Teamviewer_Host.msi which you can download with a licensed version of TeamViewer. I also include a custom TeamViewer_Host_Setup.exe which I built on the TeamViewer website with our log etc.

    Also make sure you have the TeamViewer_Settings.reg file which you export from a pre-configured machine with whatever settings you want.

    We just use the TeamViewer console.

  • Thank you I will try it that way, I had used Kpacker on a VM thinking I could stream line the process.

  • Happy to hear im not the only one having issues with live connect.

    When it works its great but lately i need to restart by browser about 5 times a day because the plugins keep crashing.

  • @Elliot, any particular browser you are using or does it crash no matter which browser?

  • Most of us use Chrome but we've tried firefox and IE to get around this problem but does the same thing.

    Can it be that my server is being overloaded and causing these problems? are the 2 related?

    I put more details in the support ticket CS156486