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is it possible to automatically associate an organization with a machine role via scopes?

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Scenario:  have two organizations, each is a separate business. within each organization are certain machine groups which represent the different clients of each business. We have two scopes that define this model - one for each business, the scope automatically assigns machine groups and VSA users to the correct machines groups & agents.

I have added a custom home page tab to KLC, which has scripts etc. that are relevant to one organization but not the other. I want to limit the custom home page tab to appear only on agents that are members of a given organization(i.e. scope) only.

My idea was to have two machine roles - one for each organization - each with their own specific custom home tab enabled, and assign machines to either role by organization(scope). at the moment I can assign machines manually, but i'd prefer to have it happen automatically as then whenever new agents check in for the first time they fall into the correct machine role automatically. Perhaps under scopes there should be an ability to assign machine roles???

Any other ideas on how i can automatically limit a custom KLC home page tab to only certain machine groups/scopes/agents/whatever???


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  • We could build a complete new Menu for you within Kaseya that is tied back to the logged in users Scope.

    So rather than getting the user to get to the KLC home page via LIve Connect you could just give them a login to your Kaseya Server and set their role so they only see the new custom menu  .. and the menu therefore only displaying what you want them to see

  • Sometimes we can't see the tree for the Woods

    In Policy Management you can set a Machine Profile .. and the profile allows you to define the machine Role

    So if you make the Policy View based on the Groups you require them Policy Management will do what you want