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Remote Control - Kaseya's own version

  • Hi Kaseya Execs,

    In a v6.3 webinar I was a member of the question was asked if the new Remote Control would be released prior to v6.4 and the Kaseya execs on the webinar said they would look into this.

    Please could someone please let us know if this will be possible, it was very dissapointing when we got the news it had been pulled from v6.3 and it will be hard to wait and unknown time for v6.4 to be delivered.




  • Hi Andy,

    We are as anxious as you to see the new Remote Control released. It has been a big and exciting project. We plan on making it available for customer field testing on v6.3 so stay tuned for any announcements. If you are interested in being a Test Pilot please visit http://www.kaseya.com/support/test-pilot.aspx.


  • Do you have a rough ETA on when this will be released to test pilots?

  • We are hoping to have it in test pilot hands real soon - before Connect. But that's as much as I will say. Stay tuned.

  • Coo.

    We're already part of the test pilot program.

    Will be automatically involved in the test of the new remote control tool?

  • Oooo, here's a good reason to be glad I'm in the Test Pilot program...

  • ...but how many times were you not glad? ;-)

  • If the time it took to implement the new reporting is any indication, expect the new remote control to be a long way away. #loweredExpectations

  • K have certainly talked this bad boy up over the years, what with "we hired gaming developers because they're the best in the business to work on latency issues" being my favourite statement they ever made about the new RC.

    And then I look over at LogMeIn, Teamviewer, etc. and wonder how on earth it takes K 3-4 years to develop something as simple as RC. meh...

  • I've felt the same way about Kaseya and reporting, they have all that great data sitting there in a database of their own design, and yet it's so frustrating to pull a simple report out compared to many other solutions I've trialed.

  • So we got a bunch of Hotfixes yesterday related to KRC - Kaseya Remote Control.  Now our RDP Remote Control sessions are broken and even KVNC ones are MUCH slower that before - but KRC is not available to us yet, even though I'm a Test Pilot.  I'm opening a ticket now but everyone might want to check on their VSA, it looks like they've pushed the back-end for KRC but hasn't exposed it in the UI for us yet.

  • @Jilderton. Can you provide the ticket number for this issue? We would like to further investigate.

  • Note: Even though I'm a Test Pilot and CAC Member, Kaseya Management has cleared me to speak on this topic in the Community.  I'm noting this because I'd hate for other Test Pilots to get the idea that I'm setting a precedent on divulging information on pre-release products.

    Disclaimer aside, I'm thrilled with the new KRC (Kaseya Remote Control), and I'm sure you all will be too.  Here's why... well, better yet, how about I just paste an e-mail that I sent to my Engineers?  That would save some typing Wink


    I’m happy to report that you now have an additional, awesome way to remotely control machines… Kaseya Remote Control (aka. KRC).

    You can use this new Remote Control technology on:

    • Windows Vista
    • Windows 7
    • Windows 8
    • Windows Server 2008
    • Windows Server 2008 R2
    • Windows Server 2012

    It is not currently compatible with Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Mac OS X or Linux.

    So, what’s new?

    It’s FAST!  

    #2) A convenient Ctrl-Ctrl shortcut brings up helpful menus:


    #3) An Application Launcher enables you to find & quickly start any application on the Start menu:


    #4) It has drag-and-drop file transfer to/from the target machine with progress indicators:


    Awesomesauce!  So, how do I use this?

    Change the Remote Control > Configure > Select Type to “Kaseya Remote Control”:

    Be advised… this will take a good 1-2 minutes to load the first time on a target machine (it needs to preinstall the KRC files); however, subsequent connections will be faster (same as, if not better than making an existing K-VNC connection once K-VNC is preinstalled).

    At a point when we’re all happy with how this works, I’ll push it out across the board.

    Tell me what you think!  This is an opt-in testing phase for this KRC product, and you can always fall back on K-VNC or Win VNC if KRC doesn’t work, but remember… I need to know if it’s not working!

    So, all of that said, there are still some minor bugs to be worked out, and myself (and likely others) are working with Kaseya's Developers to pinpoint & eliminate issues before KRC goes GA.  It's really all about the sample size, and we're around 5,200 machines, for which my Service Desk has been instructed to install KRC whenever they need to connect, and to let me know about any issues that arise.

    I think you'll all be very, very happy with this free addition to the VSA.  As some folks have already noted, the latest Hotfixes deployed to your KServer as of 4/8/2013 lay the almost-final groundwork for KRC integration into the VSA as a selectable Remote Control Type.

    It's worth the wait, and it's continue to worth waiting for while a few remaining rough edges are being sanded down... but KRC is very close! Cool

  • Interesting post Brian.  But why are you posting this and not someone from Kaseya?  After the lengthy wait I'd have thought @gerald would have been the obvious choice to announce this.  Not being critical but seems odd to let a customer announce new features.

    Also exactly what hoop do I need to jump through to enable this on my server?  I looked at all the added files yesterday and have been patiently waiting to see what's going to happen next.

  • Alistair Curran
    ...why are you posting this and not someone from Kaseya?  After the lengthy wait I'd have thought @gerald would have been the obvious choice to announce this.

    Unfortunately, my political acumen is akin to a squirrel attempting to learn calculus, so you'll have to excuse me if I defer this question to Kaseya Management... albeit momentarily...

    Let me first say that we've been waiting a long time for KRC... aka. Remote Control FA (Circa KConnect 2012).  The fact that it's finally here has got me tremendously excited, and to be able to test this on my production system has been an honor & a privilege... so that's why I asked Kaseya Management if I could respond to this thread with some honest-to-goodness facts about the Kaseya-in-house-developed Remote Control.

    Why did I ask?  Because KRC is an excellent, free addition to the VSA framework, and has been a long time coming... and the vitriol on the forums serves no purpose but to frustrate the developers who have worked so hard on making KRC a reality, and I felt it was time for some good news that we all could get excited about.  Smile

    Bottom line: KRC is pretty dang awesome, but still has some bugs to be worked out.  Myself and many other select Kaseya Partners are involved in this process, and Kaseya are working diligently to resolve these issues before KRC is released "into the wild."  So again, to reiterate what I'd said earlier... it's worth the wait.

    Alistair Curran
    Also exactly what hoop do I need to jump through to enable this on my server?

    I don't know how they're going to phase this in to other customers' environments... that's a decision for Kaseya Management.  What I can say is that I'd highly recommend joining the Test Pilot program (if you haven't already) and that being a Test Pilot is a mixed blessing.  Yes, I get to see pre-release software... but it is "warts and all."  Kaseya partners are an important part of the Development process, and though it's sometimes hard to see "on the outside looking in," there is a rhyme and a reason for why things are being done in this fashion.

    Again, hang tight... you'll be happy with the end result of this process.  Wink