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WOL as a self-service within "Live Connect-Portal"

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Im searching for a solution to implement a button within the "Live Connect-Portal" for end-users to start up their machines with WOL!

Any idea for that?

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  • well there is the option in Kaseya that, when you hoover over the Agent-logo(Online, Inactive, Offline) in Kaseya you get the option to press the WOL-button.

    The other option is to execute an empty Agent Procedure which you can call Wake-On-Lan where you activate the Wake-Up If Offline button.

    When the procedure is executed it will try to start the computer.

  • Hello Ferry.

    Thanks for your reply. What i mean, are not the Feature "Wake Up" in Quick Launch. I mean a "self-service-tool"!

    If a customer uses the vsa-login for the computer, they can see a screen like ...

    So a really great function/feature whatever will be a button WAKE MACHINE ... in that dialog - for a self-service for the customer in its own portal. any idea how i can publish such a "button"? ;)

  • Dear,

    Like i said you can do that by doing the following:

    You create an Empty Agent Procedure, where you select Wake-Machine if Offline button.
    Save that Procedure with the name Wake Up Machine.
    Go-to Server Management -> Customize -> Live Connect
    Go to the Agent Procedure Tab
    Click Add Procedure and Select the new Procedure you made with the name Wake Up Machine.

    Save your new settings.
    The clients will now see the Agent Procedure Wake Up Machine in their  KLC-page.
    See my example:


    Try that :P, im sure it will work.


  • Hello Ferry,

    Sounds really easy, sounds great ... but ... the dialog you mean i only found if i'm at the "agent procedure"-tab and click on "schedule procedure":

    But on the live-connect portal i've no option like that. The procedure only triggerd to run next time the machine is online... :( Where do you have that option in live connect-customization?

  • Hey Kai,

    Sorry for the late response ! But i have an answer for you.

    When you are in the Live Connect Page, you just go to the tab Agent Data - Pending Procedures.

    After that you Schedule the empty procedure to run once with Wake Machine If Offline.

    Goodluck with it !

    See my screenshot:

  • See here: