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6.3 LiveConnect in IE - File Manager error {"errorName":"FailedToCreateAdapter"}

  • Upgraded to 6.3 last night, and now LiveConnect File Manager won't work for users of IE (versions 9 and 10 tested). It appears that everything else works fine in IE, but File Manager just has the following error:  {"errorName":"FailedToCreateAdapter"}

    Note that using Chrome isn't a solution - it is a workaround. It is a workaround that we are currently doing because we have to, but again - this isn't the solution. The solution is to fix the error. I'll make a ticket to Kaseya as well, but I figured since they won't get back to me for about 5 days this would good to post here as well.

  • Only two of my engineers have gotten this error that I know of. We tried deleting all the Live Connect stuff in %APPDATA%\Kaseya and %WINDIR%\Downloaded Program Files then re-installing. It worked for one person, but not the other. Doesn't seem to matter which browser. Weird.

  • Ah, the path changed. Try deleting the stuff in "C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Kaseya" then re-install.

  • I've had 3 people in the office try that, and none have had success. This 6.3 update is going to give me anxiety - I have so many issues I can't very well open a support ticket for each one.

  • I also have got this same issue, anyone had a remedy yet, before I log a ticket?

  • Me top, all ours Tech have this problem

    3 browsers for use all kaseya module !!!

  • I submitted a support request about this last week and was provided the following response:

    Just to inform you, the Engineering team has found a solution to the File Manager error in Internet Explorer, and are currently working on a new Live Connect plug-in installer. We will update again when this is available. Thank you for your patience while we resolve this issue.

    They suggested using Firefox or Chrome in the meantime as those appear to work.

  • Fix posted here today.  I haven't tested it yet.


  • I also had the problem, Windows 7 64-bit with IE9.  The above posted fix worked for me.