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IE10 support

  • Just thought I would share how you can configure IE10 to work with KLC. Use the F12 key under IE10 or open the Developers tools under the options menu and you will get the Developers frame at the bottom of you IE10 window.

    Next change the Browser Mode From IE10 to IE9 and close the developers frame. Click on an agent icon to open live connect and follow the instruction to install the addon files.

  • Just to add to this, once you've installed the plugins under IE9 mode, you can switch back to IE10 mode and everything will work fine.

  • Not working for me - I get a timeout waiting for plugins error.  I can get to the Agent Data and Audit Information though, which is handy.

  • Might be a popup window that you missed or that got blocked, make sure to allow popup's for your VSA portal under IE

  • Using compatibility mode does the same thing. Does anyone know about why when I'm using help desk if I close the tabs IE10 stops responding for a few seconds? Any update on how IE10 is getting any updates to work with Kaseya yet?

  • This post is more for how to get the plugins installed if you are using IE10 and I'm, not familiar with "help desk"

    KLC will sometimes crash your browser or hang for a few minutes when you close the tab for it, not sure how to fix that...

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  • I've learned to stop using Kaseya and IE a long time ago.  They just don't play nice together.  Thankfully the Chrome plugins have been given the same functionality with LiveConnect over time, so there's no real reason to use IE anymore unless you have some company policy in place that doesn't let you choose your own web browser.

  • Some other reasons I can think of why people are still using IE are;

    1. Live Connect is sometimes very unstable and some people still like to use the old Remote Control module, using browsers other then IE for "Remote Control" can be a real annoyance as you have to download an executable every time you want to remote a machine.
    2. Google has also locked down their browser since Ver. 21 so it has become more difficult to get the KLC plugins to work for some people so they like to fall back to IE that will at least work some of the time.
    3. If you use more than one Kaseya VSA it is easier to use different web browsers as you keep having to reinstall the KLC plugins if you use the same browser.

    (Starting to see a repeating theme here, *KLC*)

  • 1. To get around the RC ActiveX issue with Chrome just install ActiveX for Chrome.  No more manual download/run issues just works like it does in IE.

    2. If you get the "Not from Chrome store" message when trying to install the plug-ins for KLC just open your the Extensions page in Chrome (Tools -> Extensions) and drag and drop the .crx downloads onto the page.  It allows you to install the plug-in manually.

    3. Never experienced that one.

    I gave up on trying to get IE to work consistently in Kaseya.  Settings that allow on installation to work wouldn't necessarily work on the next workstation.  Our support team uses either Chrome or FireFox for the most part.  I think there are a couple guys that have IE working for them.

  • All,

    I have been testing Windows 8 & IE10 and my KLC experience is over 90% connectivity the very first time.  In fact I am averaging 9 second connection times from Quick View > Desktop Access to seeing the screen.

    If you are still experiencing issues with Win 8 and IE 10 please submit a ticket.  You can post the ticket# here and I will make sure it gets handled.  

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  • Does this also apply to Win 7 and IE 10?

  • @Ghanssen, Win 7 and IE10 should be supported just the same. If it not, please submit a ticket.  This will also engineering to resolve the issue you are having.  Thanks.

  • We are having the same issue here.  Our ticket# is CS156151.  Opened up on 4/9 and escalated to the development team.

  • @Michel Davis, thank you.  Let me see if I can find out what is going on.  

  • @Michael, the engineering team is aware of the Win7 IE 10 issue and is working to resolve it.  There are a few tickets in the system with the same issue.  I do not have an ETA, but will post a note here when I know it has been resolved.