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RDP via KLC - does anybody bother with it?

  • Hi, I use VNC via KLC all the time, as well as VNC and RDP via Remote Control and they all serve their purposes. One thing I have not used extensively, however, is RDP via KLC. The reason is I have found the layout to be horrible and therefore stick to the old RDP via Remote Control. My question is does anyone use RDP via KLC extensively and if so what are your reasons for doing so? Do you use it on servers or workstations or both? I am asking because RDP via KLC seems pointless and I am wondering if I have missed something. Regards, Chris.
  • Hi ghettomaster,

    I use very often the twice way, KLC VNC for the workstations, and RDP for the server (I don't want to install VNC on our server)

    What do have with the layout ? This the same rdp as "mstsc" no ?

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  • We use it for a few customers exclusively. The Remote Control Module has to go through 5721 in one shape or form even if you specify an alternate port for your agent to communicate on. One of our customers couldn't use 5721, so we have to use live connected RDP as the only way for getting to the servers. It's unique, but Remote Control is my prefered way, and VNC seems finicky / i don't like the layout compared to "native rdp"

  • RDP via KLC is great....it doesn't need an ActiveX control to run, so you can use it in non-IE browsers, and that's the most important thing for us.

  • Hi Craig,

    Does the difficulty in getting out of full screen not bother you?

    As for the ActiveX issue, I laoded the activex addon for Chrome and it works really well.

  • How to get ActiveX working in Chrome: community.kaseya.com/.../70666.aspx

  • @Chris- What problems do you get in coming out of full screen? I can usually get out of this by hovering the mouse over the top of the window and selecting the middle icon to snap it out of full screen. - Would be very interested to know what issues you get?

    The main problem we have with RDP via KLC is simple - about 20% of the time it just won't connect. :)

  • I agree with Phil G, I'm on K 6.2 with all the latest updates and patches but 20% of the time it crashes, so I just use VNC if I use LC, although most of the time I still use the old remote control so I can copy and paste and reduce colours to gain a quicker connection.

    I am hoping for big things with 6.4 and the new quicker remote control.

  • I always try RDP first (thru KLC) because the latency is (usually) a lot lower. I find VNC impossibly painful at times. :(

  • Always RDP, then VNC if necessary

    RDP is faster

    RDP looks better

    RDP i can copy and paste FILES between the RDP session and me (assuming Vista or higher)

    RDP is built in to all windows machines 2000 and higher, so I don't have to install another service on my machines

    getting out of full screen move my mouse to the top of the screen and minimize or resize

  • Dram - are you talking about RDP via KLC or via Remote Control?

  • Sorry, Yes RDP Via KLC