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Ticket CS104588: “Mac shell very slow”

  • I have raised a ticket with regard to the KLC shell to Macs being very slow but even worse, it loses characters when you type too fast: Ticket CS104588: “Mac shell very slow” Update Hi Simon, We have repeated the problem on your system and need to escalate this to the development group for a possible code fix. Code fixes are the top priority for development so they will begin working on this shortly. Please keep in mind that we cannot predict how long it will take to solve this problem. Development may contact you with additional information requests but they will not be able to send out regular status updates. Regards, Wes Kaseya Support
  • I have tested the fix and it has stopped dropping characters :-)

    Kudos the the K Dev Team!



    Hi Simon,

    Currently our Dev team provided me a fix that I implemented onto your VSA. The results will allow the letters to not be "lost" when typing but it will not fix the speed issue of the letters showing up in the Terminal. The speed issue is projected to be resolved with the release of Kaseya 6.3. I have tested on your VSA and confirmed the fix was implemented successfully. Please let me know if you have further questions or if I can close this ticket.



    Kaseya Support