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KLC 64 color remote control

  • How do I get 64 colors on KLC with KVNC? Is this possible? I'm trying to use Live Connect to remote control as recommended by Kaseya, but this full color console is killing me.

  • Kaseya >> Remote Control >> Configure >> Set Parameters >> K-VNC Options >> Check "Restrict to 64 colors - this reduces network traffic."

  • Have you seen that change the settings for Live Connect? It doesn't for me.

  • Hey your right! I never noticed that itonly effects the old way... from what I can tell there is no way to set it to 64 in KLC.

    Anyone else?

  • I opened a ticket with kaseya just now.

  • We raised this with Kaseya in June last year & an extract of the response from Patrick Schreifels is below.

    "Right now we automatically set the color depth / remove the desktop background based on the quality of the connection. We have a number of requests for a feature that will allow users to explicitly set the color depth and / or remove the desktop background and we have put it on our roadmap."

    It seems this disappeared into a black hole so I wouldn't expect a quick response.

  • would love to know where this is as far as progress

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