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updating agent side code in KLC pre-emptively

  • Hi

    Is there a way to pre-emptively update the KLC agent side code so that we don't have to wait 14 days each time we want to view a machine in KLC?

    We installed KLC each day via a script in 6.1 in order to speed this up and it did appear to work but in 6.2 it doesn't appear to be doing anything to help. Im wondering if there is another script that we should be running.


  • Olly there's a procedure called Deploy Live Connect.  When I updated the agents I tick teh After update run agent procedure having chosen this and my connections do seem much quicker.

  • We run that script nightly.  It hasn't eliminated all of the waiting, but it's helped quite a bit.

  • When we were first told about the Deploy Live Connect script it was mentioned (I don't recall by whom) that it would only update Live Connect on the agent if (1) the agent didn't have the KLC software or (2) the software needed to be updated.  Based on running the script nightly for a week it does neither.  

    Instead, it updates the full KLC payload everytime its run.  It's also throwing a "Failed THEN in step 38".  The Deploy Live Connect script runs a hidden system script so I'm not certain what step 38 is.  I'll get with support and report here if appropriate.

  • We run that script daily currently anyway but hasn't made any difference in 6.2.

    I was wondering whether that was actually the cause of our problems. My thinking being that perhaps the script was installing a 6.1 version of KLC hence why, every time we connect to KLC, we get a popup telling us that the agent side is being updated, as KLC is having to update the 6.1 KLC to 6.2 each day.

    Just a thought but clearly not the case.

  • Hmmm

    Looking at the Deploy Live Connect script in 6.2 it appears to be blank. Is that right for you?

    It has an "Always True" entry and nothing else.


  • A lot of the system procedures look like that but actually perform a load of steps.  If you schedule in then live connect the machine and go to Agent Data in the list of pending procedures if you point just to the right of the text in the procedure and Alt click you'll get a pop-up window that sometimes shows you what the procedure does.  It's a bit hit and miss what you'll see at times is often down to timing.  Alt clicking during it happening usually gets better results.

  • There must be some way to view the procedure, I'd like to know if you can change the server it's downloading from? I am thinking if it's an .exe or single file download, I can get it hosted on some superfast server rather than our own with limited bandwidth?

  • It's actually a series of files (mainly DLLs on Win) which vary depending upon the target OS.  I took a quick look in the table other procedures are stored in and couldn't locate it, but I honestly didn't look too hard.  Now that I know the name of the binaries involved I guess I could look a little harder.  Frankly, though, based on what I've heard about this procedure I don't know that it's built on the same platform as regular agent procedures.