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What have you done to KLC?

  • Hi all

    Can I just ask, what has Kaseya done to KLC?

    It's gone from being about 90% reliable to be around 50% reliable. It now seem to take ages to connect to the agent end in KLC (any more ******ing "upgrading the agent side plugins" pop ups and I'm gonna move to labtech!), sometimes it doesn't connect at all, the plugin crashes more than it used to, and this is in IE on Windows. We've even tried to reinstall some machines to see if that makes it more reliable but it doesn't.

    Honestly we are about to bin it.



  • at least yours is working half the time.  Our KLC went down over the weekend totally.  Clients cant log in, we cant log in.  We have tried many PC and from many PC that did not have KLC installed and same problem.  We have a support call open and for the last 3 days all I got was, try another machine, try from another PC, delete cashe, etc let us know.  Then I find out that the support tecks cant log into my server due to a bug in 6.2.  This is day 4, I am wondering what they will asking me today.

  • yeah. we've stopped reporting issues with KLC to the tech support as I have collection of "how to remove KLC from IE" type links now in my inbox.

    This goes back to what I've said before about Kaseya needing to increase the number of beta testers that they have for new features.

  • "upgrading the agent side plugins" disappears for me if I start 'desktop access' instantly. In chrome.

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  • ok, I'm trying to some "unofficial" troubleshooting on this one.  I need to someone to test something for me.  If want to help, send me a private message.

  • some HF's were released earlier today. i can use LC without any problem (chrome)

  • seems like a was a little to quick...i can connect to most systems, but the thumbnail and task manager functions do not seem to work (all other stuff seems to work for now)

  • Tips that works for me in Chrome;

    1. Hover the agent (before KLC) and press "desktop access".

    2. Open KLC, and select 'file manager' or 'cmd' quick.

    3. Open KLC and then close the window after 5 sec. And then reopen KLC.

  • Unfortunately, no luck for me with your tips, Fredric!

    We really should not need to do mouse-clicking gymnastic routines to get KLC working...

  • KLC is now completely broken following updates last night. In Chrome it just sits saying its updating the Agent side code, if you use Firefox you get the error:

    Install Failed: UnexpectedException : Programming error in PluginManagerLib::PluginManager::GetMetaData (line 341 of .\PluginManager.cpp)

  • arrrrghhhH! Please Kaseya stop releasing patches and updates until you know that the issue is fixed or at least until we have had a chance to test them in the field. There has to be a more reliable way of doing this.

    If KLC stops working for us today again my staff are going to lynch me!

  • I have to say, ours is working here but then we haven't had an update since the 28th.

    Dare I check for updates? :)

  • Well I checked and there are no available hotfixes today for us at least, and the last hotfix was installed on the 28th Sept.

    If you go to System > Configure > Hotfix History, what is the PR number of the last hotfix and the date of it?

  • leongs

    Unfortunately, no luck for me with your tips, Fredric!

    We really should not need to do mouse-clicking gymnastic routines to get KLC working...

    What kind of web browser do you use Leongs?

    And of course not, but a temporary solution is better then nothing. 

  • We installed the 30th Sept updates today and so far KLC isn't any worse than normal. I can't see a noticable difference either way really. I've scheduled a forced agent update with a KLC deployment script to run afterward, just in case that helps.