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KLC not working on SRWare Iron after 6.2 upgrade

  • I updated form 6.1 to 6.2 today without issue. KLC works fine with IE8 and IE9. However, I use SRWare Iron, which is a variant of Chrome. Once I installed the plugin, the KLC launches, installs everytime still, then gives me a blank white screen. Before I open a ticket with support, just checking if anyone else had this issue and was able to fix it.


  • Reset your browser settings to defaults. This fixed the issue for most.

    If that doesnt work, go to Https://<yourKServer>/SystemTab/AdminPreferences.asp and click the default button on the bottom of the page.


  • Thanks for the tip Pete. I got it working.

    Now it asks me to install the plug-in every time I launch KLC. Is this happening to anyone else?