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KLC and 6.2 and the mac

  • Anyone seen KLC get worse under 6.2 on the mac? 

    I still have the keyboard issue in Chrome. Chrome KLC windows appear blank about 50% of the time and need refreshing. Safari also now has keyboard outages which require a lot of reconnects before it starts working. 

    I also get loads and loads of "please wait while the agent is updated at the other end" type of faded grey pop ups, despite running the KLC update each day on each machine. This will reoccur at random. One machine will be fine for an hour, then you'll get that faded grey box for 30 minutes, only to be fine for another few hours etc.



  • Hi Olly,

    ....I use MAC and Kaseya sind about 3 month. It is a pain. We have a few customers with MAC's running, so i switched from WIN to MAC to get more experience, i thought KLC would also work...but it is a not finished product like a lot of modules. I use parrales to get my win running so I'am able to work. Remote access to a mac, it is like a dia show. Our MAC clients are frustrated due to that slow performance. The screen is sometimes full or garbage. Now with 6.2 nothing changed, except, i could most time not connect....Updates, with nothing, same as you.....I'am frustrated with years of no solution for a remote control with nice performance....well at least....it is getting slower....i wonder where the future is.