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KLC improvements

  • ARGH!

    Ok, painful agonising shout over. Here's my list of desired improvements for KLC


    1) Make it work ! It crashes browsers more than Adobe Flash. IE crashes often when using KLC, more when you run multiple KLC windows. Chrome is better at handling multiple KLC windows but frequently shows "The plugin KLC has stopped responding". We've more or less had to stop using it here and we all use various browsers and various versions.

    2) File transfer folder structre. I'd like to have the folder structure changed to show the users profile first, ala any modern version of Windows. So rather than seeing C, D, E, show Desktop, Downloads, Documents etc. I would imagine that most people using a recent version of Windows download files to their Downloads folder (whether thats in the OS or the download folder created by the browser). 

    3) File transfer drag and drop. I'd like to be able to drag files from the File list window. Underneath the folder tree on either side of the file transfer tool is an area where, when you click on a folder, you see the files within it. However you cant drag files from that part of the display. If you you want to transfer a file you have to find it under the folder list (which means you cant sort for name, date etc) and drag it from there. Not very intuitive. Given that there is no other way to transfer a file ( you cant right click a file and choose transfer, or click an icon) it makes for lots of scrolling around a small part of the screen. 

    4) Integration with Kaseya modules. Why arent the kaseya modules all integrated with KLC? Some are, like KOB, but KAV and KAM for example even get mentioned and should have a section to show the KAV status and detections for that PC.

    5) Mac support. Where is it? DONT SAY ITS SUPPORTED!!! Giving me access to just the audit info and VNC doesnt make it compatible. I expect(ed) a mac compatible KLC would have the same features as the windows version. Where is the command prompt, file transfer ?

    6) VNC in KLC needs more options. We need to be able to modify the connection in the VNC implementation in the same way we can in the Remote feature of Kaseya. Why cant we lower the colour depth to get more speed for example?

    7) Copy and paste doesnt work in KLC. At least it doesn't work for us. Very annoying. 

    8) Being able to disable the remote keyboard in VNC. This would be a great feature as there is always some smug b****** who thinks it's really funny to move the mouse and try to use the machine while we are working on it. 


    Any others you want to add?

  • 2) - This is based on user, not on the file system.  The folder names you see aren't even the folder names - many of these folders are really either links to other locations, or system / registry settings which change what is visible (Eg: Open Win 7 - look at "your" folder - you'll see many folders.  Open a command prompt, navigate to C:\Users\<userprofile> - look at what's there... very different).  File transfer is a 3rd party tool, integrated into Kaseya, and may / may not be as modifiable as we'd like.

    3) Agree!  But if it's a 3rd party tool, they may not be able to have the options integrated

    5) Actually, a command prompt on a Mac would open a terminal session to the target mac, similar to a linux / unix based system (which Macs now are).  Should be doable. File transfer?  Would be a simple FTP browser - and we know how simple they are on a *nix (very).  Issue is the "home" / "desktop" aren't as visible, you need to know where they are, and often they're not necessarily what you would expect them to be when you get there.

    8) - COMPLETELY want to see this.  But I'd like to see this as a run-time-modifiable - Allow remote keyboard, but have a button on the parent window to "Disable remote keyboard" - not sure if it's possible with VNC, or if the driver has to disable the keyboard before the VNC session takes over.

    My biggest beef with the KLC?  I want a remote-in-native-mode (like what you get when you're on the Remote tab of the main Kaseya window), instead of remote-in-window for RDP sessions.

  • This below point is really important, whilst Kaseya has improved the speed, a simple colour depth option would improve performance by a mile on slow connections and is something I've already asked for and can't belive it's not already in there.

    6) VNC in KLC needs more options. We need to be able to modify the connection in the VNC implementation in the same way we can in the Remote feature of Kaseya. Why cant we lower the colour depth to get more speed for example?

  • This is great feedback. Thanks for sharing it --

    On the OP's point #3 -- I'd really like drag-n-drop. I've been wanting to make a lot of changes to file transfer for a while now, but we've been really focussed on decreasing the time it takes to establish a Live Connect session. I think we're much better than we were a year ago, so we'll get moving onto some other functional areas.

    On point #4 -- We want more modules to be exposed in Live Connect, and the framework exists for them to be snapped in. We just need the commitment from the individual module groups to drop them in.

    On point #5 -- We are expanding our support for Mac OS X in the next release. This will provide Terminal for Mac OS X, and support cross-platform permutations. Mac --> WIndows, you get Command Prompt, Windows --> Mac you get Terminal, Mac --> Mac you get Terminal. We'll also have File Transfer for Mac OS X, supporting cross-platform as well.

    On point 6 -- I agree, and we have VNC config options on our roadmap. Right now we're using the VNC "Automatic" mode which sets the protocol / compression based on bandwidth. I'm not real happy with the results and I've been working with a couple customers to see if we can tweak the compression / jpeg quality settings to get better performance over slower connections. This is a stop-gap though, and we plan to let you change all the settings at will in a future version. On the issue of color depth -- The TightVNC server only provides two settings 8-bit, or 24-bit. I was surprised that there was no setting for 16-bit, but I think we can get decent performance if we change the compression / jpeg quality.

    On points 7 & 8 -- Agreed. We're expecting to support clipboard, and Windows shortcut keys in a future version. I'll have to look into options for disable keyboard & mouse.


  • Would Love to see printing via the remote control as well - would make it so much more sellable ...

  • Hi Kaseyas!

    Totally agree, 6 and 7 ... but 6 is the most importent.

    Simple color settings, like remote control.