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DO NOT UPGRADE! FireFox 5 breaks compatibility with Live Connect Plug-ins

  • Please do not upgrade your FireFox browsers to version 5, which was released today. FireFox breaks the Live Connect browser plug-in. We are investigating this issue and will provide a fix as soon as we are able to.



  • I don't think that Firefox breaks the Live Connect plug-in, I think the plug-in isn't compatible with Firefox 5 :)

    By the way, you can make your add-on automatically compatible with Firefox version 4.0b1 up to the future version of 7.0a1 if you follow the new add-on compatibility guidelines that Mozilla has posted with it's sdk.  Doing this will solve the issue with the Kaseya live connect add-on not being compatiable with Firefox until version 7.0a1 - or if you guys want to update it every Firefox release that's up to you :)

    For those who don't want to wait for Kaseya to fix the compatibility, you can download the checkCompatibility 1.1 add-on from the firefox addons page that will disable the compat checks for addons and allow them to run, if they are able. addons.mozilla.org/.../checkcompatibility

    Live connect works fine in FF 5 when you disable the compat checks.

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  • @Dan, Thanks.

    This is a confirmed work around.

  • @dan, another informative post. I would really like to see Kaseya officially respond to the proper fix suggested. What is the best way to get this to happen?

  • Very Nice Dan, tyvm for this. Ive had trouble deciding which browser to use for my Kaseya. Live connect not working in FF5 was really bugging me and ruling out FF, but thanks to you its back in.

    I almost settled on IE8, because IE9 still has so many compatability issues with it.

  • We'll be releasing a hotfix this week that officially supports Firefox 5.

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  • Will that be the proper fix to allow KLC to work until v7 or is this a temporary fix that will need to be recoded in FF6?

  • KLC is buggy in Chrome 12

  • The HotFix that includes Firefox 5 support is now available. This is a permanent fix that will support Firefox 3.5 and higher.

  • This does look to be fixed.  Also it fixed where you had to refresh FF after connecting LiveConnect to actually get connected to the machine.

    I noticed that deleting the plugin and going back to a machine to reinstall the plugin in FireFox still failed for me.  I had to go grab the XPI file out of c:\Kaseya\WebPages\KLC\resources\xpi and then manually install it.  Once I did that things are working great.


    Update: Turns out if I cleared my cache in FireFox I could then download the plugin again and it installs fine.

    [edited by: bds at 6:39 PM (GMT -7) on 6-30-2011] Update: Turns out if I cleared my cache in FireFox I could then download the plugin again and it installs fine.
  • On Chrome 12 (havent tested with other browsers) the selectors at top of page (machine ID/ group etc..) keeps on reloading, and reloading, and reloading.....

  • Yeah I dont have much success with Chrome either.

    Does anyone know how to get Active X to work with FF5 so that we can get some of the features (anything thats not LC) to work?

    I think it used to be done with an extension, or an add-on?

  • There was an in-development ActiveX plugin for older Mozilla browsers, but it's long since gone by the wayside.

  • I downloaded Firefox 5 today and I am getting the Live Connect Client is incompatible with Firefox 5 Error. Anyone have a fix for this?

  • Make sure your Kaseya is fully hot fixed and wait 20-25 minutes and try again. Failing that run this : c:\Kaseya\WebPages\KLC\resources\xpi  (on your kserver (paths may vary depending on your environment)) It should have a date in the last 2 weeks, otherwise you aren't hotfixed.