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KLC stopped working this AM?

  • We replaced a SonicWall TZ-180 with a newer TZ-210 last night and this AM, we cannot get KLC to work.  We do not believe its the Swall, we are using port 5722 and have UDP and TCP both configured as before on the TZ-180.  However, we see no traffic on the UDP port.  And that should not affect our systems internally anyway...

    I have attached an image of what KLC looks like, we opened a ticket, but you know how that goes....

    Its something wierd in K2 that changed...when we try to open KLC link from the System/Configure link we get "success false msg "you do not have rights to this page"

  • No problems with KLC overhere

    did you delete ARP tables etc on your K server?

  • No, but Kaseya responded to out ticket, apparently there was an update problem that caused it:

    License was updated last night to give you free access to Kaseya Policy Management. This caused the issues with launching Live Connect. Sorry for the inconvenience.